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Soundproof Generator
 Soundproof Generator

In addition to all the functions of the diesel generators, our silent generator also has the following features:
Units with low noise, overall compact, removable structure, steel plate joint together, coated with rust performance, along with noise and rain reduction; inside the box multi-layer barrier impedance mismatch muffler structure, built-in large impedance muffler. Box structure design is reasonable, with a large capacity fuel tank inside. There are two doors on the box; and observation window and emergency stop button on the box to avoid damage to the unit.
1. the noise standards in line with ISO374.
2. the interior with special sound deadening material, compact structure with the built-in silencer. Good ventilation and radiation structure.
3. observation window on the box to be convenient to observe and operate.
4. shock absorbers special for the unit running quiet and peaceful.
5. large capacity fuel tank on the base.


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