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Light Tower Generator
 Light Tower Generator

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in troops, railways, electricity, public security and other large enterprises, as well as various construction operations, mining operations, maintenance, repair, incident handling and disaster relief work site.

1, The lighting performance: Medallions uses four 1000W energy efficient lamp, lighting, high brightness, large coverage, both near and far lighting, lamp life up to 10,000 hours or more, especially for large-scale outdoor lighting operations.

2, Lifting performance: Lighthouse lifter made of high strength alloy material is refined, can automatically lift adjustment, the maximum rise height of 6 meters; four separate lamp can be up and down about adjusting the irradiation angle, so that the light covers the entire job site.

3. Convenient operation: remote control or the jog switch are two ways to control the lift and vertical lift lever down, simple operation, safe and reliable; wireless remote control mode can lift and vertical lift rod fell within the range of 30 meters.


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