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ATS Generator
 ATS Generator

1. Manual control panel
Provide the basic function of on/off, On/off controller, Three- phase AC ammeter, Voltmeter and selector switch, Frequency and meter / water temperature gauge / oil pressure gauge / clock / Battery Voltage Meter / emergency stop button.
Function of alarm: Over speed, high water temperature, low oil pressure, charging failure.
Function of protection: Low oil pressure, high water temperature, over speed, emergency stop, and other pre-protection setting.
2. Auto start control panel (loss of pressure) without mains
The control panel takes the remote control interface except the basic function of manual control panel Auto/Stop/Manual is optional.
The delayed relay when start (1~5 seconds, adjustable).
The delayed relay when stop (0~270 seconds, adjustable).
3. The relay of auto start
The mains charger
The alarm instructions added: low /over speed, output voltage fault, failure start, high water temperature pre-alarm, emergency stop.
The protection function added: low / over speed, failure start, output problem (over voltage, low voltage and over current)
Automatic remote monitoring control panel
The LCD screen displays the operation steps, the state and various parameters.
The screen takes the interface of R232 and 485. It realized the remote control and test.
The protection of the diesel generator set, it will alarm when it appears the follows condition:
Failure start, over speed, low speed, high water temperature, low oil temperature, speed sensor no signal, charging problems and so on.

4. Auto transfer switch (ATS) Four classes mechanical /electronic transfer switch, the state indictor of the mains, the generator electricity and on load.
The automatic type and manual type is optional.
The body of the screen passes the pickling, phosphating, spraying plastic and leaves enough room for the input and output cables.
The time of automatic transfer within 7 seconds (adjustable).


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