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Diesel generator leakage fault solution
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Diesel generator appear "three leakage": oil leakage ,water leakage, air leakage phenomenon, easy to lead to increased fuel consumption of generating units, power down, parts wear and other failures. In order to ensure the normal operation of diesel generating units to extend the life of generating units, the generator technician must be timely repair. The following is the Qingzhou Feida generating units to provide you with diesel generating units oil spill, leakage, leakage phenomenon when some of the treatment:

1, to use the oil to stop the oil leakage

Diesel engine oil base, cylinder head, gear chamber cover, crankshift back cover leaking, as long as the paper pad is in good condition, the surface is clean, you can put a layer of butter on both sides of the paper pad, tighten the bolt Can be leakproof. If you want to change a new paper pad, install the new paper pad in the diesel soak for 10 minutes, and then remove the wipe, in the joint surface wipe a layer of butter and then installed.

2, plus paper pad prevent leakage method

Diesel engine tubing joint leakproof gasket at the oil spill, can be on both sides of the leak-proof gasket plus a layer of double-sided smooth plastic pad, tighten to tighten leak.

3, sticky glue rule leakage method

Diesel engine parts, such as fuel tanks, water tanks, pipes and other parts of the trachoma, pores caused by leakage, with viscose coating in the clean and damaged, you can receive the effect of leakage.

4, liquid sealant powder leakage method

Diesel engine on the emergence of solid gasket defects (such as pit, groove, rupture) and the formation of interfacial leakage and destructive leakage, with liquid sealant applied in the clean solid gasket bonding surface, curing can be formed evenly, Stable, continuous adhesion of the peelable film gasket, can prevent all leakage phenomenon.

5, anaerobic glue rule leakage method

Diesel engine ventilation bolts, studs, screw plugs, etc. when there is leakage, with anaerobic adhesive smear in the clean bolts, threads or screw holes, can quickly cure the formation of thin film, fill parts of the gap, and can withstand Greater pressure, but also has a strong anti-shock and anti-loose fastening function. Such as for the diesel engine high-pressure tubing joint thread, better leakage effect.

6, the size of the resumption of glue governance method

Diesel engine shaft and sleeve, bearing and bearing seat, valve and seat, self-tight oil seal, felt cups and packing packing, etc., can be used to restore the size of plastic coated with clean parts wear parts, etc. After curing, it formed a wear-resistant, heat-resistant, high mechanical strength of the film layer, and then the car, boring, scraping, file and other mechanical processing, restore parts of the geometric shape and with the accuracy, so as to solve the leakage problem.

7, paint liquid liquid leakage method

Diesel fuel tank, water tank, crankcase and other seams at the seepage, the paint can be soaked in alcohol after the paint liquid applied to the clean seams can be leaked. But the high cost of paint, usually in case of emergency use.

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