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The Factor affect the Price of diesel generator
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Diesel generator sets as a self-contained power station AC emergency power supply equipment has been widely used in different area, it is a power generation equipment use the dieselengine as power. At present, many places where electricity cannot meet the requirements, During this time the role of diesel generating units is particularly important.During the purchase of diesel generating units, many customer donot understand why the same brand or even the same power generator How could be such a big difference in price.

Diesel generator manufacturers have made an explanation as below.

First diesel generator sets include two parts:diesel engine and alternator. Diesel generator set prices due to the two parts of the brand and configuration of different.The same diesel engine brand, the same power, pay attention to the different alternators,different alternators of the performance of all diesel generating units Different, diesel generator prices, the performance of diesel generating units is very important, so users in the purchase of diesel generator sets must be careful, may be based on their own needs to the diesel generator ,seek the sales staff to consult, so choose the best match Of the generator.

Second, the price of diesel generators have a direct relationship with the generator information. For now, as price of steel rose in the market, diesel generator prices are also rising, and secondly, especially in winter of this year, the electricity supply in short supply, many northern regions have emerged electricity limit, which makes the price of diesel generators increase sharply.In addition, diesel generator sets are composed of many machines, production line process is so complex, so the whole set of diesel generating units costs are relatively high than normal.

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